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Fish Batter Recipes   

"Aussie Beer Batter"
Main Dish

from the kitchen of: Ken Alexander
Serves: 6

A light & tasty beer batter that works great with any fish

1 cup of beer (full strength not light)
2 ounces of butter
1 egg white stiffly beaten
2 eggs lightly beaten
olive oil for cooking
1 pinch of salt
1 cup of Plain Flour

How to Cook: Stir flour through butter and eggs. Gradually add beer and stir until smooth. Cover and stand for one hour in a warm place. Just before using, fold in the egg white & mix thoroughly. Flour fish and coat with batter. Cook in 1/2 inch of hot olive oil for two to four minutes on each side. A tip on flouring fish is to add flour to a plastic freezer bag drop the fish in & just shake it around this lightly coats the whole piece of fish evenly.

"Better Batter"
Main Dish

from the kitchen of: john courtney
Serves: 1

try this to replace standard fish battering

corn meal

Try rubbing your fish with mustard then batter in corn meal. This is very tasty! I have tried it on all fish. Its the only way I cook it now.